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Windows On The World

Companies thrive when they see early what is happening in the world around them and adapt their business models accordingly. Extra windows on that external world and the responses of different companies help to provide fresh angles for Boards and Chairmen to test their own strategies and assumptions through the eyes of fellow heads of businesses with different histories and cultures.

The Chairmans Club provides these extra windows and reality tests. It is the leading forum in London for heads of international businesses in different sectors to explore the forces in global markets which will most powerfully influence their investment and management strategies over the next few years.

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The Chairmans Club is a not for profit organization founded in 1993, administered and supported by Corporate Renewal Associates and funded by its members. Governance is through an Advisory Council chaired by Sir Peter Walters and supported by special Advisers of distinction in science, economics, regulation, governance and business leadership. The Director and Founder of the Chairmans Club is Leslie Dighton.